Hi! I'm Emily Tomasik, a self-proclaimed artist, self-taught traveler, and self-diagnosed chocoholic. I suppose you can say I'm the entrepreneurial type.

I grew up in Buffalo, NY, a city known for its snow and chicken wings but loved for it's wonderful people and horrible sports teams. I still consider it home.

I absolutely love meeting new people and experiencing new places. I don't like the exclusivity of having favorite things; I enjoy learning every day. I've never liked cheese and I don't put syrup on my pancakes-- for some reason this offends people.

I'm inspired by characters. I love observing the world and capturing personalities in all of the work I do. I sometimes try to be funny, and I sometimes succeed.

Everything I do I do with gusto. It's much too hard to produce work I don't care about. I was raised with a hard work ethic and I've developed a zeal for all things creative. When I'm creating something, I feel alive.

Outside of the art world I enjoy rock climbing, hiking, and cooking. I love books (reading them)-- the physical kind, not the digital. I like building things with my hands. I listen to podcasts on the regular. I play the ukulele but not very well. I'm always thinking, even when I try not to.

Above all things, I am so very, very grateful for all of the people who support me in my life and my artistic endeavors. Without you, I would have no validation! Thanks for taking the time in this busy, busy world to check me out. If you ever have a question, idea, or want to talk, give me a holler at emilymtomasik@gmail.com