My artwork is inspired by people. People I see and meet in the everyday, physical world. 

I realize life is becoming more and more digital. Socializing, sharing, and talking has been pared down to text and pictures on screens. Text and picture we can skim, ignore or "like". While I see how online interaction can be advantageous, I struggle with how it's replaced face to face interaction and spontaneous conversation. I miss sitting down with people without hearing buzzes and bells go off. I miss being away and not worrying who may be trying to contact me. I miss feeling comfortable with unproductive time.

I strive to treat all of my clients, customers, and supporters as my friends and family. I will hand deliver a sculpture if I can. I write (by hand!) personal notes to everyone I send something.  I make sure deliverables get to their destination unharmed, and if something was damaged I will replace it.

Of course, this isn't the most economic way to be a freelancer or to run a business (I use this as my excuse as to why I'm not a millionaire yet). But to me, developing a personal connection with each person I work with is the most rewarding part of the process. I want to do my best work artistically while also making others smile and feel important. 


I often refer to my clay figurines as "a little unnecessary". Let me explain...

I love to see how people connect to specific things--  kick-knacks, chachkies... "unnecessary" items that I believe are so, so necessary. My grandma has a kitchen full of roosters. My mom decorates our bathrooms with fish. So now whenever I see anything fish or rooster related, I think of each respective mother-figure.

Sure, these animals may not represent my mom or my grandma as a whole, but now they take on a specific meaning in my life, and my perspective on these "ordinary things" changes. Perhaps they are things you've received as gifts or gotten as souvenirs. Maybe you purchased them because you just couldn't leave the store without it. Sure, you have 67 rooster figurines overflowing your windowsill, but this rooster is special! It's different. These unnecessary items hold a quality that trumps logic. They are a manifestation of you- they tug at your heartstrings- they hold a special place in your heart. And because of it, others think of you whenever they see those items. They bring life into your home!

In this sleek, uncluttered world that is the icon for our future, I hope we never lose desire for the unique, imperfect, human craftsmanship that undoubtedly goes into each little handmade chachkie that we cherish.