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Where can I buy work?

Not all work here is for sale. To see items I currently offer, you can visit my etsy shop by clicking here or going to the "etsy" link on the navigation bar. If you don't find what you're looking for, message me to see if I have other things available or if I can make it custom for you. I'm always up for new orders!

In addition, I sometimes set up a booth at a craft fair or art show where I sell all kinds of work.  To see where I'll be next, check my twitter, Facebook, or Instagram accounts.

How do I request custom work?

Request custom work by emailing me at Put your first and last name and "custom work" in the subject line. 

How much does custom work cost?

The cost of custom work is highly dependent on what it is that you'd like done. Typically figures of people (approx 5-6" tall) start at $50 each. Custom work of pets start at $25 each. Custom jewelry starts at $20. Custom signage posters begin at $40 each and custom illustrations begin at $150.

I highly encourage you to email me with a custom request, and from there we will work out a fair price.

What is the timeline for ordering custom work?

I encourage you to email me at least a month in advance of needing custom work. If you need something in a shorter time period than that, you can still email me and I can try my best to rush the order.

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