Dear Stuart,

I feel like I never write in the times when the most is happening. And when I do make the time (now), I don't even know where to begin.

Can I just give you bullet points and maybe try to craft the story of the day later? 

-I woke up at 7:20am and prayed
-I made a smoothie this morning! Very peanut butter-y :D
-9am mass. I drove separately because I didn't want to be late. It's Palm Sunday!
-Mom, Luke, and I go to see Paul: Apostle of Christ at Regal movie theater at 11:30am. 
-We eat lunch, and munch munch munch
-I go rollerblading, wearing my Alaska baseball hat and a winter hat over it
-Luke and I practice some ukulele, I teach him basic chords to Riptide
-Luke and I play basketball and I learn how to shoot a hockey puck. Luke says you're better, grrrrr
-I made pumpkin muffins, wash salad and bake butternut squash. Dad grills steak
-After dinner mom and I look at old photos for almost 2 hours. Mom seems sad
-Luke, Mom and Dad watch The Office and laugh loudly while I wonder how this day has affected me

How is it that every moment affects the next, molds and shapes us into ourselves, and yet so many get lost forever in the throes of time? In the movie today Paul says, "Pick up a handful of water from the ocean and watch it slip through your fingers: that is your life on this Earth. Then look out into the water of the ocean.... that is your life in Heaven."

I love you Stuart, oh so very very much.