Dear Stuart,


The last three days whizzed by, somehow, and I didn't get to writing. Each time I laid in my bed to shut my eyes I thought, "Oh dang" and then promptly fell asleep. Today, I'm not havin' none of that.

I won't bore you with details on the last 3 days (also, I barely remember), but we did go to the Broadway Market on Sunday which was nice. As I listened to one of the vendors talk about the tradition of painting eggs with his family every year, I really understood what your mom (maybe) feels about wanting that. An activity that holds value for everyone and that holds value on it's own, just in being a tradition. There's something powerful about doing something that your ancestors did all those years ago, too.

Speaking of which, going through the solid hope chest in my grandma's room was a total time warp yesterday. The chest was FULL TO THE BRIM with beautiful, delicate, hand-embroidered, hand-stitched, carefully-crafted pillowcases, handkerchiefs, sheets, coasters, table runners, table cloths, aprons, matching table cloths and aprons, etc. It was incredible. What a different world, you know? I wish I knew how to do all that stuff now. Not that there's the time anymore, but still. It's so cool! So timeless!

Today we began tackling the basement. Pots, pans, and other memorabilia. It's so dark down there, and I wore two sweatshirts. We went through a small box of my mother's favorite trinkets and we found a "luncheon set"; a ceramic tea pot with matching plates and saucers from Germany. What do you do with that stuff? Stuff. Stuff stuff stuff.

Cooking for my family has been a double-edged sword. One edge is the happy one in that I get to do something I love, alleviate my mom (although I think she generally likes doing it), and feel productive and autonomous. The other edge is that everyone is much less interested in how the food actually tastes and more interested in it's nutritional value and when it will be ready. Please, Stuart, promise me that you'll never go on a low-carb diet. 

I feel like I'm getting wrapped up in details and it's not important. Important things of today are:

-I am trying to get in a groove of adding prayer to my morning routine*
-I learned about this weird habit I have of bouncing my hand when I eat. Do you notice this? My mom pointed it out to me today and I was in disbelief. I had no idea!!**
-The Flagil doesn't seem to have taken effect yet. Boo.
-The Austin bomber has been found
-I love you. 

Another day. I'm tired but my brain won't shut up. 

Warm fuzzies,

*I have no morning routine
**Ok, this is maybe not that important