Dear Stuart,

02/02 (too too) makes me think of "Too Cute", the TV show that chronicles baby animals doing things. Puppies slipping on ice, ducks shaking their feathers dry, kittens yawning, etc. My friend Shane, who is known for doing lots of drugs and has an infatuation with Nazi propaganda, used to work for them. He would spend days watching raw footage of puppies doing nothing until he found a moment that he could deem "cute". And etcetera for all the baby animals. He DESPISED it. It was a hilarious paradox, and while his time there was short lived, the jokes were long lived. It was just Too Perfect. 

Anyways, what today? I'm not sure. Time with my grandpa felt lacking. He was so sick and so tired and so sorry all day... there's only so much one can do.

I feel really grateful for friends today. I heard from a few people at CooperRiis and that was nice. Seeing Em and sitting around laughing about our moms and our memories and our maybe futures felt so dramatic and so damn detoxing. We laughed and laughed about stuff that I cry about, too (moms, memories, maybes). We each did impressions of our moms and cracked ourselves up over it. It's nice to have someone who has known me my whole life, that's been there, that's seen it, that "gets" it. It feels easy and comfortable and familiar. And I don't have a lot of things like that.

I'm so tired. I love you so much. One month ago today we were looking at murals in Pittsburgh and eating baklava that tasted like sunscreen. So that's what a month feels like.

I love you! I miss you! I adore you!