Dear Stuart,

One weird thing about these letters now is that I'm *supposed* to be writing about yesterday (I guess), but it's today... 

So, Happy Valentine's Day!

Yesterday was really good, consisting of:

-FaceTime with YOU

-some organization/cathartic cleaning

-catch up with Caleb

-TWO Fasnachts (one with Nonno and mom, one with dad)

-Beer with dad

-CLIMBING! Even though I almost didn't

-Some productiveness

-Some rest

-Many reminders of Love in my life

My dad said that the nearby convenient store (where I purchased the other fasnacht) is noticing how traditions are being lost in the current generation. "We used to buy 12 trays of these [fasnachts] and they'd sell out. Now, we buy about 3 and theres still some left at the end of the day."

I've really been thinking about this ever since I came back here. I've forgotten or muddied a lot of tradition for the sake of convenience or the desire to learn/do something new instead. I've reevaluated a lot while home and am reexamining some of my hopes and dreams for the future. I'm excited to share and discuss and refine them together. TEN MORE WONDERFUL DAYS UNTIL ANOTHER MOST WONDERFUL DAY! We are so blessed.

Love youuuu!

Emily :)