Dear Stuart,

As I sit here in the blue-light of my computer screen (the bad blue-light, not the good kind), I think about how I'm suppressing the melatonin in my brain from producing, how I couldn't think of the word 'suppressing' and how my lack of consistent circadian rhythm is affecting my ability to reinforce the things I have learned. I used to think how this letter was a great night-cap, a way for me to reflect and articulate a few thoughts and feelings and moments in order to immortalize this time as Special and look back in a more comprehensive way than just a vague "these were some of the best months" or "this was a very hard time".  

Perhaps I should start writing to you in the mornings, after I have healthily slept in the absence of Evil Blue Light and gone deeply in the REM cycle where I prance around another world, relearning all I have learned in the daytime. Perhaps I should just stop trying so hard to make each one unique and meaningful and thoughtful. Perhaps I should just stop altogether. Perhaps I should stop thinking about it so much and just go to sleep. 

Let this be the beginning of a potentially new posting schedule? For our Salud!


Emily :)