Dear Stuart,

In the words of Ice Cube, "Today was a good day." 

There was a time when I was food running at Chai Pani that I had this weird epiphany; maybe everything we want to see and hear and have is everything we do see and hear and have. That day I felt like I kept hearing voices from the kitchen call "runner up!", as I was standing there folding napkins, even though there were no tickets near ready. Perhaps in some parallel universe there were. Perhaps that's just what I wanted to hear, so I heard it. 

Today we wanted a good day. Nonno pooped- a good one- and there is truly no greater gift in the world. "We got it!," he exclaimed, weakly but enthusiastically pounding his fist into the air, "we beat the system."

And after that, the day shined. Nonno took a good nap, I shoveled the driveway, the garage door closed the first time we tried (!), the supermarket had sunflower seed butter(!), and we got a fresh loaf of bread. The icing on top of the cake; cake. Of all the cakes, I picked German Chocolate... which happens to be Donna's "absolute favorite." And, it was real German Chocolate, with coconut in the icing and nuts on the side. "That's how they make it in Germany," Donna said, "I was there for my birthday years ago." We all enjoyed a piece, and mmm, 'twas good.

I'm feeling positively optimistic. "Thank you Lord for all the good things you've given me today," my grandpa prayed over dinner, "I very much appreciate it." It's amazing what a difference a day makes. And a good poop.

I love you Stuart!