Dear Stuart,

I'm sorry that this is in type and therefore cannot have the preciousness of a handwritten letter, but my thoughts are moving much quicker than my hand can keep up to write. I'm also trying to save the world, and so the less paper I can stand to use the better, I suppose. I do love paper though.

Today was the first full day of care taking for Nonno. I have already realized (or maybe re-realized) something: Culture is diluted, and becoming more and more diluted with time. The old days may not have been superior, but they seem so iconic! The old movies can evoke a time period so well, no matter what city, what year, what actor or actress. Yesterday Nonno and I put on "Love Affair", the 1939 (original) version with Charles Boyer and Irene Dunne. Just the hand-crocheted doilies on the chair, the dramatic acting, the black and white... it all brought my Nonno back. The world; the world was a world we could easily escape to, a world that my grandpa could recognize. It was delicate and ornate. And the drama, Stuart; oh, the drama! It was by no means feminist, it wasn't progressive, it wasn't original. But it was an escape, and, I have to admit: it was beautiful.

It all made me wonder what we have today? What are the icons of our generation? How are we going to remember, and be remembered? And moreover, what do we carry with us from the generations past? So much of tradition and ritual, language and culture is being diluted, fused, left behind as old-fashioned or non-evolved. And yet, these traditions can keep family strong, culture alive, and bring a sense of belonging; something we all seek in this world of endless choice and never-ending sub-cultures.

Anyways, today we ate together, we watched the news, we talked about political correctness and I baked the shit out of his chicken in the toaster oven, because I was afraid of serving it undercooked. I picked up his Trazadone as prescribed by his doctor. Hopefully it helps him sleep. We got some things done. It was too cold to go out but we did enjoy the sun through the windowpanes.

Tomorrow is a New Day.

Love you,