Dear Stuart,

Today was a blah day. I felt blah about this, blah about that, blah blah blah. I woke up around 3:50am and couldn't fall back asleep... until I woke up in a daze at 8:10am from some weird vivid dream I no longer remember.

I can't decide if I want to go through the details of blahness or if I should just let Blah suffice. 


Here's a few details:

-I found an awesome artist today and spent a good amount of time looking at her work. Instead of feeling inspired I felt inadequate, and questioned whether or not I want to make art. If I do, how do I make time and space for it; time and space to play instead of just do what I know. This (as you surely know) is a constant question in my mind, and I'm tired of it.

-Alex came for lunch and brought some take out chicken and vegetables. After eating everything I looked at the ingredients and realized there was sugar in it all. Even the chicken! Goddamn.

-I threw out some fabric scraps because I couldn't figure out online an easy way to recycle them.

-I wore baggy pants and a sweatshirt and there's an underground pimple emerging on my chin.

-I made mediocre chocolate cookies with two avocados that were going bad. 

-I have no good reason to be feeling blah.

-Nonno and I didn't get out today.

I missed you a loooot.


Emily :)

PS- Please notice the list is organized by length; longest to shortest. I have never identified as OCD until I just purposefully did that. Also please add that to the List of Blahs.