Dear Stuart,

A 35mm film about an enigmatic fish was just beginning in the theater when the alarm on my phone interrupted loudly (eek! I'm THAT person!) and raced me back at the speed of light to my bed, disorienting me into the not-so-bad reality of a New Day in Consciousness. No fish movies would be seen today in Consciousness.

As I walked downstairs the sun shone on our grassy front lawn, which is apparently 15 feet farther back off the street than all the other houses on the block. It had to be in the low 40s (maybe high 30s). The priest at mass facetiously welcomed us to Spring. I drank coffee and enjoyed the morning with my chatty parents. It was the makings of a good day.

Everyone gathered at Tim Horton's (have you been there?) after mass, and I cringed at all the paper cups and bags that everyone sported while dining in. There's no other option anymore! ONLY PAPER!!! (cue montage of atomic bomb explosions intercut with close-up faces of people screaming in agony). Luckily, my choice to withhold from the paper receptacle props prompted a brief lecture about recycling, waste, bulk foods, etc. It was a silently nod and half-digest-the-info kind of audience, but I was satisfied even just to offer the idea of it, non-judgmentally. 

As I told you over the phone, my dad and I had a fantastic day. So many things that I look forward to showing you and doing with you sometime. I've always known that Buffalo is an intriguing, mysterious, historically rich and ornate city, but today was one of the first days in my memory that I really had the time, mindset, and motivation to explore and research it more deeply. I think a lot of it has to do with my dream of being able to be a good tour guide to you, whenever we get the chance to explore and adventure around. 

I'm feeling things within me shift. Today did not pass by without my sincerest gratitude for the ability and support to have it. It's such a rare opportunity and it's meant so much to me. If 2017 is forevermore the Year of Newfound Love, 2018 is becoming the Year of Preloved Love. I like it.

Thank you Stuart for being my partner-in-virtue through this all. I know it's not ideal for us to be apart for this long, but it's making me a fuller human.

Also, I love you.

Emily :)