Dear Stuart,

The way we spend our days is the way we spend our lives. Today was yet another day...

From morning to midday I was in an emptiness. I was exhausted and grumpy. Nothing felt worthy of complaining about yet things weren't feeling good enough to merit an "I'm ok." It made that space in my heart for your physical presence scream out; I was wishing to sit quietly and hug you. I promised myself that as soon as I got home tonight I would go right  to sleep. Two hours later; I'm working on it?

It's been profound to see how days that start off grumpy and empty have always become fuller and more pleasant after spending some time with my Nonno. I'm not sure what that means about him, or me, or the situation. But by the time the Aid came tonight I wasn't ready to go. I felt sad that I wouldn't spend this kind of time with him tomorrow.

This is Special time. Thank you for being patient with me and supporting it. I look forward to all our Special time to come!

I love you so much,

Emily :)