Dear Stuart,

I know we just talked forever, but I've found this nightly letter extremely helpful in reflecting upon the day in a structured, focused way. It's actually become a ritual that I look forward to, and something that allows me to hold each day as sacred and important and meaningful. Thanks for being such a safe and open landing pad for my thoughts :).

When I think about today I think about Mack and I think about Nonno. There was something in the animation of Nonno's face this evening, when I was teaching him how to use his new nose spray--he was wide-eyed, curious, sloppy-but-trying--it reminded me of Mack.

And I've noticed a lot of similarities between caretaking for my grandfather and caretaking for a child, with many distinct differences too, of course. One being Hope. There's so much hope in children, inherently, and yet with the dying there is none, inevitably. It is a big, sore, painful difference.

But my grandfather has faith, and as he told me yesterday, "With faith there is always hope." Today, I really saw that hope in him. 

Every single day we pray before dinner, and every single day my grandfather prays, "Lord thank you for a wonderful day." 

Thank you for a wonderful day.

I love you SO much,

Emily :)