Dear Stuart,

There's 6 minutes left in the day, and once again I wonder where all the other minutes went. It was a full day of family; probably the most family time I've had since I've been home. And it felt good.

I did near nothing productive today, but I created a lot. Well, not created, but rearranged. My grandpa is quick to remind me that we don't create anything in this world, we just rearrange pieces. It reminds me of the Carl Sagan quote, "If you wish to bake an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe."

I rearranged pieces in our fridge and pantry to make spicy chickpea burgers with Luke, bean-noodle stir fry for dinner, and "magic bars" for... breakfast tomorrow? It was too late to have for dessert by the time we finished. I knowingly cheated on the sugar thing today when I had Sriracha. Whoops. :)

A highlight of the day was seeing Luke laugh on the sledding hill. A lowlight: hearing him tell me he would probably have voted for Trump if he was able to vote. It made me feel a little sick.

I stayed up until past 11pm with my dad, way past his bedtime, listening to music off YouTube and talking about learning songs on the ukulele. "If I would have just picked a song in the beginning I could have learned something by now!", I said to him as we both got up from the table to head to sleep. But I'm glad I didn't do that. That kind of bumpy jumpy music listening is the closest thing to browsing that I get anymore with my dad. I used to love browsing with him in the CD store.

You crossed my mind maybe 5,000 times today. Maybe a little more. There's some cheesy love lines in Garden State that made me wish we were snuggled up together so I could squeeze your thigh in agreement at the sentiment. THANK YOU, Stuart, for wholeheartedly supporting me on this journey toward bettering my family dynamic. Today felt right. 

Luke told me that in some business class they said that whoever solves the "clean water problem" will be the richest person in the world. I beg to argue: what about the person who finds a way to bottle up day-specific joy for later uncorking? If that existed, I would take today back to Asheville to share with you. Not like we need bottled joy or anything, but... for novelty's sake.

If I had the power to rearrange one more piece of the world, I would rearrange Stuart Wimberly to be in Buffalo tonight. 


Emily :)

P.S. Geesh, these things are getting longer as I'm editing less. Ok?