Dear Stuart,

I have talked with you so much already today, with over an hour of smiling and dancing and staring at each other this morning and almost an hour of crying and processing with you tonight. Could there possibly be more to say?

I learned some things today:

-Never put oil on first when you're dressing your salad. It closes the pores so the vinegar can't actually coat the lettuce.

-"Crescia" has roots in "ascending", "lifting up", like crescendo. Crescia is typically made in a tall pan. It's known as an Easter bread, but Italians make it all year long.

-"Focaccia" comes from "foco", meaning "fire", or baked. Focaccia can be any kind of bread that is baked. Traditionally, focaccia dough is different than pizza dough. It includes oil, spices, and some sweetness.

-The best man in my Nonno's wedding was Bob Romano.

-"Pecora" means "sheep" in Italian, but pecorino cheese is made with cow's milk. 

-Cottage cheese was eaten a lot in the 70s

-"Me prese il sone", "Sleep has taken over me."

Goodnight my love, my light, my adult teammate,

xoxo Emily :)