Dear Stuart,

"It takes a lot of patience to endure life." That's what my grandpa said to me today that really stuck.

Six weeks seems like such a long time. I worry what it will feel like to see you again... will it be weird at first?

Patience! Let us practice now. 

My mom brought us fresh focaccia today from Ballastarie's Bakery... an old Italian like my Nonno. Apparently, Sicilian's put fresh breadcrumbs on top of focaccia and other dishes where you would normally use parmesan cheese. 

We tried a piece of crescia bread that my aunt made and my Nonno gave the food critic critique of it. Not enough pepper, too dense, "not great but tasty." Things will never be as they used to, or, perhaps things are sweeter when you're looking back?

"Siempre avante!", as my grandpa often says. "Always forward."

Love you,