365 Day Project, 2016



Beginning January 1st 2016, I embarked on a 365 day project where I committed to making a miniature figurine every day for a year. I am now in the wake of said project, reflecting on questions others have asked me or I have asked myself. 

-Did you have a plan or an order to what you made? Or did you just make whatever came to mind that day? @handmadewhimsies

I did not have a plan or an order to what I made… it was mostly whatever came to mind that day. I also got ideas from people at work and kept a running list on my phone. And still, being inspired each day to make something from the list was a big part of the challenge!

-What was your inspiration each day? Or how did you find your inspiration each day? @C0bra

With this project, I think much of my motivation came from my commitment to doing everyday. Even on days I really didn’t want to, I did, simply because I felt I HAD to. It was interesting to see how I started looking at things eventually; everything from a stop sign to a mailbox to a piece of fruit I would miniaturize in my head. I never had trouble coming up with a new idea, but I did have trouble coming up with new FEASIBLE ideas, given the amount of time I had each day. 

-Do you have a favorite one?? @mrombs

It’s so hard to pick a favorite! I will say, the miniature grandpa, #22, holds a special place in my heart. :)

Do I have a least favorite one?
Least favorite one: maybe the Pillow with the Andes Mint, #340. I was so tired and so not into making one that day.

-What was the hardest day and why?? @majifil

Hardest day… hmm. I think I’ll say the hardest day for me was making the mini tractor, #37. It was early on enough that I was spending much more time on each mini than I could afford (sleep was sacrificed), and I hadn’t yet let go of the “perfectionism” and awe I was trying to get out of each one. With all the little pieces and textures I wanted to capture in the tractor, I remember being hunched over it, frustrated, for far too long and never getting it to be exactly right. Getting comments on that one was very meaningful to me, because I had such negative feelings towards it! 

Hardest thing about the whole project for me was not actually making the minis though, it was trying to photograph and post them daily. That last push to the finish line!

How did you feel about doing it everyday? Was there days when it was stressful or frustrating or relaxing or whatever. What was the range of emotion through the project and how did that impact how you feel about it now that it’s over? @zuzumeeps

In the beginning, I was very excited by it all; the commitment, the idea, the potential. A lot of people I worked with were really interested in the project, asking, “What did you make yesterday?”, instead of the dreaded “how are you?”. I loved that. Over time it lost its novelty, as things do, and I fell into a slump. The thought of having to do it became burdensome. During that time, every positive message that someone sent was truly what kept me going. The feelings toward the project from there went from proud to overwhelmed to skeptical on me weekly. In the final month or month and a half, I got a bit of “senioritis”, where I was just wanting it to be over. BUT, no matter what my feelings were, whenever I started making something I would become totally immersed. And that always feels good!

Was there any day where you did not make one?

There were, I admit, two days in which I did not meet this commitment! One of the days was early on when I stayed over at a friends house and didn’t have access to my clay. The other day was when I fell asleep out of pure exhaustion and completely forgot. I DID make up for both by making two the following day, but those two days I did not adhere to the commitment.

What I learned?

I learned a lot about letting go, stepping away, accepting things for what they are. I learned that I’m not a person of routine. I learned that I am much more motivated by others than I am motivated myself. I learned that I can make a lot of things miniature, if I try.

Would I do it again?

Yes, absolutely. Will I do it again next year? Absolutely not.

What were my expectations? Were they met?

I didn’t have any clear cut expectations, but as with most things, I think I expected something significant to come out of a commitment this significant. I did gain confidence that I could make almost anything miniature, which I think is a byproduct of doing something daily for an extended period of time. In the end, the feeling I have about doing this project is one of pride and accomplishment, and I would say that’s pretty significant. :)


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